1. A so retro feeling when I saw such trams on the streets. I remember seeing them on The Reader movie which features life in the 1950s.

2. A great admiration to Hungarian people for building up such a stunningly beautiful city from a long time ago!!! The architecture of the city is amazing with the blend of old and modern, Gothic & Neo-Gothic, Renaissance & Neo-Renaissance, Baroque & Neo-Baroque...Whatever style you want to see, you can find it here!

My breath was taken away when I saw the House of Parliament. The best view of it is of course from the other side of the blue Danube.

The admiration also goes to the bridges. There are many beautiful bridges in Budapest but this one is the best photo of mine, the legendary Chain Bridge.

However, my favourite bridge goes to the Liberty bridge which is located at the southern end of the city center.

And I shouldn't forget to mention the Heroes Square.

3. Touching moments!!! I cried when I was standing here, by the blue Danube, in front of those shoes. I tried to imagine how it happened with these poor people. Oh, no, it's really hard to picture it in our mind!

4. The feeling of freedom I had when I came to the Budapest Castle Hill. The gate, is this the gate to heaven? In a moment I think it's yes. From this point, we could view the whole city, the beauty of Budapest is in our eyes. There the blue Danube I'd ever dreamt of when I was small.

What's more? Budapest by night is unique! But this view isn't seen from the Budapest Castle Hill, but from Gellert Hill.

The most exquisite coffee shop in Budapest, you shouldn't miss it.

5. A loving Hungarian restaurant, the Hungarikum. We went there for lunch and were absolutely pleased with what we were served! Moreover, the music, the retro decoration and even the lights will top up to the pleasure of your meal. But for dinner, you had better book.